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Integrate With SMIG Support

The integration of SMIG Support is quick and easy. Communication between you, us and your customers is an important part of the service. Here you can read more if you integrate with us.

In order for us to send and receive the message via your email address, we need the following information.
1. IMAP and SMTP information available from your web hosting provider.
2. Email address to be integrated, and password.

We can now send and receive support cases via your email address. If you do not want to publish its information, use option via support address.

1. Contact Customer Support - Tell us you want to forward emails to us. You will then receive a unique support address.
2. Set up a forwarding to this support address with your hosting provider.

When we answer customers, the unique support address will be displayed.

This installation requires basic coding skills. 1. Copy the widget code found on My Pages. 2. Paste it between and on your site.

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